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Dimitrios Arvanitopoulos, Alexandria, Egypt

​    Darvichembad is a story of transformation. Since the beginning, our company has changed and evolved so that we can continue to find meaningful innovations to solve the industry's toughest problems.
       Ο Δημήτριος Αρβανιτόπουλος ίδρυσε την εταιρεία το 1986. Αρχικά η εταιρεία εμπορεύτηκε χημικά προϊόντα for the leather industry. Through a series of innovations and adaptations, Darvichem SA evolved into a chemical company primarily for the leather industry. 

The second generation of Darvichem SA changed the company's overall strategy. With the acquisition of a chemical production plant in Vathy Avlidas, the company's production activities expanded to the swimming pool sector. In addition, taking advantage of the scientific experience of the company's second generation owners, Darvichem SA has been involved in several national procurements of chemicals for the paints and coatings industry as well as for the personal hygiene industry. In addition, the deep expertise of the local and international leather industry has extended Darvichem SA's activities to the trading of leather in crust form.

      Finally, the renovated quality laboratory together with the company's scientific and research activities led to various innovative research projects and participation. . These projects enriched the scientific background of the company, through interaction with other research partners around the world.

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