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Company profile - at a glance


The company D. ARVANITOPOULOS & SONS A.V.E. was founded with the main purpose of producing and trading chemical products.

The company's business areas were mainly focused on the leather, footwear, swimming pool and paint industries. Always guided by the quality of its products and relying on its scientific staff, D. ARVANITOPOULOS & SONS SA. has grown into a pioneering force in the leather, footwear, pool and paint manufacturing industry.

The establishments

Modern Architecture

Its privately owned facilities in the area of Ag. I Renti as well as a production unit in Vathy Avlida, house its operational production in the field of chemicals. In addition, the company has a quality control laboratory fully equipped with all the necessary instruments.


Since 2014, D. ARVANITOPOULOS & SONS A.V.E. is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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