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Extraction of collagen peptide from

chromium shells for the production

of innovative finishing products.

The main objective of the project is to exploit certain

parameters in the behavior of materials in order

to develop clean new methods in leather finishing.


This will be achieved primarily through the development of innovative leather finishing chemicals, i.e. chemicals that create fashionable effects on the surface of the leather and at the same time upgrade the leather itself. The basic idea behind the aforementioned objective is to study the properties of various chemicals and how they affect the leather finishing process. Properties such as thermal stability, adhesion and rheology should be considered as the "core" of this project, since they can be combined in order to achieve the desired results (fashionable effects). The production of the finishing media must also have an environmental dimension. New finishing chemicals should be made from leather waste. The collagen peptide will be isolated from the skin's chromium cells to produce protein-containing chemicals. These chemicals should be modified or modified by the addition of other suitable chemicals in order to achieve the desired results, i.e. the fashionable results on the skin surface. In this way new finishing techniques will be achieved, modern effects will be created, leather items with added value will be produced and leather processing waste will be reused. The project partners will have distinct research activities. Zhengzhou University and Biosk Chemicals will participate in the "environmental phase" of the project, due to their significant experience in the recycling and reuse of skin waste, while Darvi Chemicals SA and NTUA will be mainly responsible for the synthesis and characterization of the new chemicals substances, due to their long experience in material properties and leather chemicals. All of them will constitute a network of know-how and will have a vital role for the realization of the project's objectives.

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